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Hesitation on acceleration


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 ; Year: 1986; Body Type: Convertible; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 130000;

I have reviewed some of your most recent postings and cannot find a problem with same symptoms as mine. Not sure if any of these factors may be relevant but I shall inform you anyway. Recently I degreased my engine and upon completion the car wouldn't start. Went through the procedure of removing the distributor and coil wire drying both with hair dryer. The car started no problem. I did not drive it at that time and it had sat for another couple of weeks. Then I changed the oil. Added 10qt and took it for a short run to get up to temp. Still on the low side of half, so I added the 11th qt. let idle and checked again, she was reading about the 3/4 level so I was fine with that and shut down. No problems with the car running this day. Two weeks later I installed a new K & N Air filter, no problems except for that nasty clip on the bottom in the back and a few bruises on my forearm. I decided to take the car for test drive, started fine and idled fine,at first it was very hesitant response to the throttle while engaging the clutch. I thought it was just cold, reminiscent of my '74 Beetle. The engine would sputter but with a couple of light slow touches the RPM came up and I could engage the clutch but would still sputter until the RPM came up to about 3000 then the car ran fine. Drove fine at higher RPM except for going through 5500-6000 I'd get a very slight and momentary hesitation about 1/2 sec. I put a full tank of gas in the car and continued to drive for about 1/2 hour at highway speed. With the car warmed up I tried some stop and starts and still had the same problem when engaging the clutch, sputtering/and hesitation atlow RPM. I took the car home and parked it in garage, just as I stopped, the oil pressure light came on. The level indicator was reading full and dipstick about 3/4. Shut the car down and left in garage. Not sure if any of these things related, any advice greatly appreciated.

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