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High Mileage Early 911


Vehicle Information: Model: E ; Year: 1972; Body Type: Targa; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.4L Stock; Total Mileage: 217,000;

I have a question for all you early 911 experts. I am considering an early Targa E that has over 200k miles on it with 3 owners. The car seems to have been lovingly cared for by its current owner of 10 years. The motor was rebuilt 10k miles ago and it seems to have had regular maintenance and care (parts replaced/updated as neccessary). Also, it has records back to day one. Is the mileage an issue? Should I be concerned about value if I put another 50k miles on it or are the cars timeless if the proper care has been given and records kept? I know some people are only interested in low mileage cars, and those folks are not the people to which I am refering. I am just curious if that kind of mileage has an effect on value. Any insight into this would be helpful.Also, does anyone know what the engine code number range is for a 1972 E Targa? Thanks a lot!

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