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High RPM Stumble

  • 1987
  • 944 Turbo
94 000
South Carolina

I have a 944 Turbo.  I recently replaced the head, clutch, and water pump.  While I had the motor out (seemed to be the easiest way to repair all three) I added a new waste gate with variable boost control, a three inch exhaust, and did the venture delete.  In the last five years I also had the DME and KLR repaired (bad electronic components and cold solider joints).  I just went on a run and discovered I still have a bad engine stumble at 5000 rpm in 3rd gear under hard acceleration.   It hits 5000 rpm and acts like I hit the redline (cuts out), boost disappears and the engine starts stumbling badly.  It will clear up I a few minutes.  I could only reproduce the problem once.  Other than that it pulls really strong.  I am limiting boost to stock 1.7 bar.  I do not have the problem in 1st and 2 and gear and I really can’t test in 4th and 5th gears on the highway.  I discovered the problem in the past when I pass a car and finally determed it was the DME/KLR.  Do I start with the DME and KLR again?


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