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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrara; Year: 1985; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2 Stk; Total Mileage: 134k;

About 9 months ago I took a long trip. After the end of 10 hours of driving I shut the car off. About 10 minutes later I tried to start it, and nothing happened. I couldnt even hear a click. Lights on the dash, ignition, and interior worked fine. I push started the car fine. When I got to a hotel the car still wouldnt restart that night. The next morning the car started fine. Later that night I meet a follow 964 owner, and he says that this happens sometimes after a long drive. Never happened again until last weekend when I went to Vegas. Hot, but no more than 210 degree oil temp. After 275 miles I parked the car, let the car set for about 6 hours, and then the same thing. Wouldnt turn over. Push started, and drove home. Even to stop for gas I had to push start. Got home, and the next morning car started right up. What is causing the solenoid or the starter not to work? Is there something half worn I could replace? Heat seems to be the factor.

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