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How do I reprogram a key fob? I have the key tag. The key went through the wash.

  • 2007
  • 911 Carrera S
35 000

Key #1 went through the wash.  While wet, the remote still worked.  I took the key apart and dried/cleaned the board.  The remote no longer works, but the key is recognized as key1 when put into the ignition, and it unlocks and starts the car.  Key #2 works fine and has the bar code and 5 digit number attached to it.  When I press the door unlock button on key #1, the key's red led doesn't light. and the car's red led doesn't light up.  When I press the hood ulock button, the key led pulses 1/second for 30 seconds, and the car's red led flashes rapidly for 30 seconds.  I took the keys to the dealer, but the dealer said the key was damaged and couldn't be reprogrammed.  Through tiral and error, thanks to the variety of key reprogramming instructions on the internet, I have intermittantly gotten the remote to open the doors, but the car's led always flashes for 30 seconds.  What I need is an explanation for the various flashing led sequences, and instructions on how to reprogram the remote.


Tom daSilva 

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