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How PSM works after traction is lost

  • 2016
  • Cayman
Electrical and Electronic

I have a question about Porsche's PSM.  I have read the manual and understand what PSM does to help stabilize the car in a turn.  The manual does not discuss what PSM does, if anything, once the car has become unstable and has lost traction.  For the sake of discussion assume one has hit some loose material or ice at the apex of a left hand turn and the car's longitudinal axis is now on a radial line while the center of gravity of the car is following a tangential line.  This would happen extremely fast and the car probably would already be sideways before PSM kicks in.  The question is does PSM continue to try to stabilize the car and if so does it work to help when  the driver counter steers.  If so would this require the driver to use less counter steering to prevent the car from starting to slide to the right as it straightens out?

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