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How should 915 transmission shift?

  • 1979
  • 911 SC Targa
114 000
Fort St John, 
British Columbia


Yesterday I drove a 1979 SC that I plan to buy. I have always driven manual transmission cars, including a 996 I used to own, but this was my first time driving an air-cooled car. To be honest, I found the 915 transmission a bit of effort to shift.

I expected it to be a bit "loose" as this is a 40 year old car with quite a few miles on it. It was actually quite "tight" and no matter how I played with shifting vs revs on my 20 minute drive, it took a bit of pressure to get into the gears -- say two fingers worth. Not forcing, that's for sure, and felt like I was shifting where the car wanted to shift as I was able to shift smoothly from a speed standpoint, but the feel wasn't buttery at all.

As additional info, the clutch disengaged very early in the range of the pedal's motion, so certainly no clutch or cable issues.

The seller (reputable Porsche-specialist shop) did tell me that the transmission was recently rebuilt and some aftermarket gating system (perhaps Seine?  -- I need to find out) was installed. 

To be clear, no problems shifting at all -- just more effort and less "buttery" than I expected.

Fully willing to admit that in 20 minutes I wouldn't become familiar with a car, and that it is of course an old style transmission.







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