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How to soften harsh ride

  • 2007
  • 911 Carrera
48 000
Wheels and Tires
Walnut Creek, 

I have a 2007 Carrera with 19" wheels. It is time for new tires (the existing tires are Michelin Pilot Sports). I woud like to use it for touring with my wife, no track or autocross.  It is very harsh riding over road irregualarities and my wife doesn't like to ride in it.  I'm thinking that going to Continental Extreme Contact DWS will give a smoother ride, because they are all-season, not just summer performance tires.  Would that help?  Or I could change to 18" wheels and have a greater choice of tires; if I do this, what tires would you recommend.  I have not changed the shocks,would changing them lead to a smoother ride?

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