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Model: 964 C4, Year:1990, Mileage:114000, Type of use:Street use only
The heater AC controller in my car has not worked since I bought it. I decided this year to try to get it working. After checking everything I could think of (powering flap motors, continuity checks, reading stored codes etc) I came to the conclusion that the controller was faulty. I tried to find a good used one, but no luck. I found an ad for AUTOECU in the USA (I am in Northern Canada). I sent it to them along with my $500. It was returned with stickers on it saying it had been checked and was OK. No idea if that meant fixed or parts changed. I plugged it in and it worked exactly as when I sent it to them. I called and they said to send it back for Warranty. I did. That cost me another $100 and when it came back there was no service report only a sticker that said Checked OK. Well I plugged it in and now nothing works. I called them and they said send it back. I am not sending it for another $100 to have them tell me it is OK. I realize that ther may be a problem with my car but if they don't tell me what is wrong how would I know. I guess I have 2 options1) Continue trying to find a good used unit. ANY IDEAS?2) Build my own control unit that will move the flaps manually.I just got back from PCA Escape and I spoke to many of the 264 owners and they don't seem to have any issues. I thought this was a fairly common problem Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Bob LendrumFort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

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