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Model: 996 C4S, Year:2002, Mileage:38000, Type of use:Street use only
I had an accident last week (minor car damage, no one else involved, no injury) in my 2002 996 C4S due to hydroplaning. Driving in heavy rain at about 60MPH I changed lanes and all four tires broke loose. I did not apply brakes or accelerate once the hydroplaning started. The car slid across four lanes, kissed a barrier wall, then slid back across the four lanes. Cockpit error involved to start the hydroplaning, but I am extremely surprised/disappointed that the car did not recover. I drive an AWD Subaru Forester that has never behaved this way in lots of similar heavy rain driving. My tires are Michelin PS2 235/35ZR19 in front and 295/30ZR19 in rear. Tire wear is not quite down to wear bars but outer slots are shallow. I have had the car a little over a year so I don't know if the wheels are aftermarket or not or what is the brand, but I have seen one other 996TT with the same. Wheels are three piece (come apart with bolts near the rim) and spoked, similar to Sport Classic II but more bolts. Not sure how to find out mfg info on them.I am searching for answers on why this happened and how to avoid it in the future. Staying out of the rain is not an option in Tampa, FL, so I need to improve my C4S (my dream car) or sell it and find a car that can hold the road in the rain. With this end in mind my questions are:1) Any general thoughts on what is the cause (please assume I reacted appropriately to try to right the car for the sake of the response)?2) Do you expect a C4S to hold the road in heavy rain or at least recover from a hydroplane or is what I experienced typical for heavy rains in a C4S?3) Could a PSM malfunction contribute to the event? If so what should I ask the dealer to check?4) Would a C4S hold the road reliably in the rain with new all season tires (I would need to change wheel size since AS is not available in 295/35R19 but would do it)?5) Would different tires hold better in the rain, like 225/40-18 front, 295/30-18 (orig spec)?6) Does the tire size combination (front to back) sound strange? Tire rack says the circumferences of the 295/30R19 and 235/35R19 are not the same. 7) How could an AWD drive car function with tires of different circumferences and could this be a clue?I am really distraught and looking for answers and I will be extremely grateful if you can help. I have read many of your responses which are great so I am hopeful.-Brian West

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