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Fuel System

Model: 911S, Year:1973, Mileage:66000, Type of use:Street use only
My 73S with MFI idles at 1050 RPM when hot(200deg.) At 180/190 deg it idles only at 850/875RPM. My AFR at idle is around 12.8. Should the car idle at 900RPM at 180deg? If I open up air screws at idle when it's 180deg it will idle at 1100 at 200deg. If I lean out idle at 200deg I get hesitation and then idle at 180/190 deg is really low. My dist. is working fine, timing spot on at 5 deg. ATDC at 900 RPM. Also throtttle bodies good. Perhaps, as you pointed out to me before, with todays gas, we have to run rich which may cause higher idle when hot. Brian Liebler

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