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Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Body Type: Targa;

Hello, about three weeks ago my car began to give me problems, the first time since I bought the car one year ago. I managed to put on about 10 000 kms. One morning, after not driving the car for about three days, my SC seemed to be misfiring and not really able to keep a good idle. very sporadically the car would loose power at any rpm range. my car usually idles around 1000rpm but now down around 850. Accelerating up a fairly steep hill my car backfired but did not stop. By this time i knew that there was something wrong with my car and drove it home not knowing if i was going to make it. The next day I toke my car to a local Porsche garage and the owner adjusted the idle screw on the manifold and my rpm obviously increased to 1000rpm. Knowing that the problem was not fixed I took the car for a small drive and she backed fire a few times. Going around a corned very slowly at low rpm (2000) with the clutch depressed it backfired for the last time. It stopped right there on the road. Not knowing what to do I leave the key in the on position and check if I blew out the manifold. Fortunately I did not but there was lots of white smoke coming from the small fuse box in the left side of the engine bay. Immediately I turned off the ignition and it stopped smoking. The wires going to the window heater, fuel system and sportmatic transmission (which I do not have), were all melted as well as the a brown and red wire coming from the clip that is below some regulator, and coming out of the cds unit. I can follow the brown and red wire all the way back the main wires and can tell that it is entirely burnt as far as I can see. I don't really know what is wrong with my car but is it possible to bypass the cds unit and drive my car home seeing as though the season is coming to and end by just using the ignition coil to power the spark plugs.

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