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ignition cylinder


Model: 911, Year:2002, Mileage:45K, Type of use:Street use only
OK, so today I started the car after work, and no AC... strange... pulled over in the lot, went to turn off the key and when I just moved it a tad left AC came on just as I left it... hmmmm... all was well till I got home, tried to turn key to left to turn off motor, well it was a struggle.. removed key and message indicator came on something about ignition still being engaged or? sorry, it was fast... I put key back in cyllinder and "turned off the car" again. Not moving smoothly at all.It brought be back to my decades with TR6's and the crazy rotations of the ignition cylinders... OK, I know this car is mucho more sophisticated, but ... is there some adjustments or alignment to all this? or bad cylinder..then what? Are all the cylinders the same and the key is then synched to it if it has to be replaced...then the doors? sorry I'm not an electrical savant! any ideas? THANKS!

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