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Model: 944S/968, Year:tbd, Mileage:< 100,, Type of use:Street use only
Recently sold my first (and to date, only) Porsche . . . a 1987 944S. Classic story . . . timing belt (actually the bearings, I'm told by the new owner) failure that I would not repair ($4,000 estimate in Chicago) . . . I had already spent over $7,000 on this car doing maintenance in 1.5 years. Is this just the way it is with a Porsche? It was in very good condition when I bought it with only 75,000 miles, all records from first owner, probably a less careful second owner for three years.Here's the question: Can I reasonably expect to have better luck with a 968 over the 944S regarding the whole interference engine situation? What's the secret to owning one of these and avoiding engine failure? I always did things on time and to factory specs.More details. I was 25,000 miles on the existing timing belt, but cannot say about the bearings or other parts. Planned to change things at 30,000 miles. Still trying to put this in perspective . . . di I make a mistake? was it bad luck? I want another 4 cylinder/water-cooled Porsche, but your commonsense advice . . . go to a 911?Please offer any insights you can.Thanks.Phil

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