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IMS bearing failure?

  • 2005
  • Boxster
35 000

I think I know the answer to this but I'm interested in your advice. I bought my Boxster (my first Porsche) in January and put less than 1000 miles on it since. Starting from a light, the engine stalled & made a "swishing" sound when I restarted it. Turns out that the bolt holding my IMS bearing sheared off and the car went into "Limp Home" mode. I loved this car & want it to work again. If, by some grace of God, the engine doesn't seem to be broken (timing chains, etc. are not broken), should I ask them to replace the bearing & put it back together? From outside the hole where the bolt comes through, the bearing looks intact, but I don't know of course until they get it apart. The engine starts & sounds just fine, except of course under load.

Second question, what can I do with the car if the engine is indeed trashed b/c of the bearing failure?




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