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IMS Bearing Replacement for 2004 Boxster S

  • 2004
  • Boxster S
29 000
Mount Kisco, 
New York

I have a 2004 Boxster S that I purchased new, and I have had vitually no reliability problems. However, years ago I received paperwork for a class action settlement covering the car, in the "event" of an IMS bearing failure (not a recall). Seems Porsche would pay on a sliding scale of mileage and years of service only if a failure occured. This totally favored Porsche, as the cars tend to stay low mileage, so that the settlement in effect times out. That has happened in my case. So, since a failure in essence trashes the engine, I need to get this done, despite the fact that the car is low mileage. The market is full of aftermarket products, each touting external fixes and superior safety going forward. What does Porsche recommend, and what do you recommend? Is this best done by a dealer or a private shop? 

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