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IMS bearing/oil analysis


Model: 996, Year:2002, Mileage:40,600, Type of use:Street use only
Your 02.28.2012: Intermediate Shaft Bearingresponse I think sums it up for me. Prior to reading that I had sent an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for analysis, trying to, hopefully, get a heads up. The report came back as everything "normal" except iron @ 54ppm vs. 11ppm as the average for this engine.The comments from the report are,"Iron read quite high in this sample. Typically iron shows wear at steel parts like rotating shafts and cylinders. Interestly, no other elements read high, so maybe the iron is coming from a steel-on-steel interface, like the camshaft & followers, for example. It's hard to say how problematic iron is after just one sample, but if you look to the universal averages, you'll see the typical iron reading for this engine after about 3,600 miles on the oil is 11ppm. The good news was that was no measurable fuel, water, or coolant present and all else looked fine. Check back on iron."Might/should I interpret that high iron level as an early warning sign of impending IMS bearing failure?ThanksB Griffin (PCANFR)

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