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IMS replacement

  • 2002
  • 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet
41 000
Transmission and Clutch

Hi Joel!

My name is Thomas Becher and I  purchased my 2002 carrera 4 cabrio;3.6 l;41.000 miles about 6 months ago.As it is time to replace the clutch I decided to replace the IMS as well.To my surprise, I found what appears to be a" non serviceable" unit in my car.(big 22 mm center nut and a 3/4" hole in the bearing cover for a centerstud and spacer?) It looks like I would not be able to get even the snap ring out of the case,let alone the bearing.Now, is my understandig that these "non-serviceable" units were installed after 2006 or on ocasion,when earlier engines were replaced.My carfax,previous owner and other paperwork made no mention of an engine swap,so I am very interested to find out :1) Is this really a non-replacable bearing and if so, how did it get into the car "un-noticed"?... 2) what is the life/failure expectancy of this type of bearing?.(It was leaking a little oil,so I was sure the unit was beginning to fail and a regular replacement was in order)....3) Will I have to tear down the complete engine to replace a small bearing when/if it fails? My vin#:WP0CA29962S653625 .

Any help/information with this "conondrum" would be greatly appreciared.


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