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Increase horse Power


Model: 911, Year:1983, Mileage:136000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Let me start by what I have. 3.0lit Euro, new Mahle 9.8 pistons and cylinders, heads polished, 993 SS web cams, SSI's 65-74 and bb muffler, Roller bearing 964 oil pump, Raceware head bolts, else everything stock including CIS and upgraded and replaced at 30k miles ago. 208hp at the rear wheels. I have a bad noise in the Left bank and suspect a broken rod Bolt. Heard large spring break type noise-twang and the motor sounds like a very bad rocker cluck, cluck, cluck. I am going to teardown the motor. What would you change beside to Titanium rods and valve springs Motor revs 6500 like a motor cycle. I would like to get to say 250hp at rear wheels. Will Carbs be an option or is fuel injection and management system the only way. Bow tailing? Where is the next big gain, bang for the buck? I have no rev limiter at this time and must go to a MSD rev limiter. Is twin plug next? I do want the car drivable. Or should I just purchase a newer motor which has more problems with harnesses and Transmission? Will my 915 transmission hold together more horse power? Note I send away my engineering and build the engine myself.

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