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Increased oil consumption/Smoking


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 Turbo; Total Mileage: 54,000;

The oil consumption on my 1996 911 Turbo jumped significantly, >1 liter in 800 miles, and the car was smoking badly at start up. First the driver's side smoked, then the passenger's side, and now little if any smoking. Never saw any oil on the ground.I added a liter of Mobil-1 as the oil gauge on the dash read at the bottom of the red zone. One liter brought it to the "2 o'clock" position and shortly there after the smoking significantly decreased. It would smoke heavily in the morning and moderately after being parked for an hour and now little noticable smoke.For the last month the car has been a daily driver, with 60-200 miles a day mainly highway. Can the intermittent nature of this smoking indicate a certain cause? The steps do I need to follow to find the origin? In addition to finding the cause, what other concerns do I need to have, e.g spark plug, from the amount of oil bunred.

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