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Installing a 99 3.4L 996 engine into a 2000 996 chassis any gotchas?

  • 1999
  • 911 Carrera
74 000
Hidden Valley, 

I have a manual 1999 C2 coupe (75000 miles) with a newly rebuilt 3.4 engine (less than 3000 miles). Unfortunately I hit a deer and the body damage on the 99 C2 is beyond a reasonable price to repair. I have a lead on a low mileage (54000) reasonably priced manual 2000 Cabriolet with a bad engine. What is involved in installing the 99 C2 engine into the 2000 Cab? My 99 has a throttle cable and the 2000 has the e-Gas throttle so the throttle body and wiring harness will need to be swapped. Do the intake manifolds need to be swapped as well? Are there any other components that need to be swapped? I've looked at the Technical Questions and Archives sections and have not found much detail concerning this type of swap. A few om my friends and I installed the rebuilt engine into the 99 C2 in May so I'm familiar with what is involved with removing and installing the engine. We had a lift, transmission jack, and lots of tools which made the installation a "breeze".

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