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Insurance Issue

  • 1989
  • 944
190 000
Colorado Springs, 



I have an 89 944 that suffered significant damage during a recent hail storm here in Colorado Springs.  At 190k miles, the car is my daily driver, and certainly not a showpiece.  As I expected, the car was deemed a total loss.  The question now became how much would the settlement be.  

The answer:  $1350, if they kept the car.  $700 if I wanted it back.

I thought this seemed a bit low, so I questioned the rationale.  I was informed that, to my surprise, my car was deemed a total loss and issued a salvage title in California back in 2001.  When I bought the car 8 years later here in Colorado, the car had a clear title.

Insurance company advised that the "branded title" lowered the value of the car considerably (yet they paid $2500 for hail damage repair 3 years ago).

A quick check of 944's for sale in my area with similar mileage, and within 2 model years show I couldn't replace the car for less than $3k.

I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that it is what it is, but willing to explore any ideas that might improve my position with my insurance company.

Any inputs would be appreciated.



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