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intake oil


Model: 944TS, Year:1988, Mileage:248,00, Type of use:Street use only
My car has been idling rough for a while, if fact anything 2k or below seems rough, meaning a slightly more vibration than normally smooth. Recently I removed the intake manifold to change the Idle Stabilizer and it's hoses, first time this was changed in 14 years. So when I removed the intake I saw oil pooled on top of cyc 1 intake valve and # 2, both were closed of course. Does this "pool" of oil point to the rought idling or just that my intake valve stem seals need replacing?BTW, my car runs very smooth above 2k and the bal belts were double checked and are correctly set.Also spark plug #1 is always gummed up with oil and deposits, #2 is slightly better and # 3 & 4 plugs are dry and "lightly tan".Thanks for your thoughts.Regards,Tom

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