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interior light problems on 987

  • 2008
  • Boxster S
57 000
Electrical and Electronic

I recently installed an aftermarket radio in my vehicle. I had disconnected the battery multiple times with the installation process. Usually after reconnecting my battery I get a PASM inactive message, that disappears after a couple of moments. On a previous low battery condition on the vehicle and this time also I a received an airbag alert. On both of these occasions I was able to remove the airbag alert with an ICarsoft scantool. Everything appeared to function fine, After a couple of days I did however notice, that my interior lights are no longer functioning, The courtesy lights in the door work fine, the front trunk light works, but there is no light function on the dome light (regardless of switch position), no footwell lights, no vanity mirror lights, no glovebox light, no rear trunk light. I scanned the car for diagnostic trouble codes with my scantool and received an error message DTC8040 terminal 30G. Terminal 30G supplies voltage to the interior lights and appears to be controlled by the power supply control module. I can see data streaming to the terminal when I switch the dome light, but the lights do not come on. I have found severel owners with similar problems, one explanation for these symptoms is that the car may have "slipped into" delivery mode, The only way to fix this problem would be to scan the car with a PIWIS tool and run the "Sports Car Handover Routine" under the "Special Functions" menu in PIWIS. I have no access or ever seen the PIWIS used. The only sources I found are mostly anecdotal. Is there any other way to test, that my car needs to be "reprogrammed". It seem some owners had problems with dealers and service advisors diagnosing the problem. Does the PIWIS diagnose if the car is in 'transport mode'? Can you run the "Sports Car Handover Routine" like a reboot even if it appears the car has no trouble codes or does not seem to be in transport mode? Are there any TSBs on these strange electrical light malfunctions?

Thank you,

Dietmar Kennel
Lubbock, TX

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