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Intermediate Shaft Bearing


Model: 996, Year:2001, Mileage:73,400, Type of use:Street use only
Hi Joel, I searched the previous Q & A and didn't find a question exactly like this one. I have a 2001 996 C2. It had RMS failure at 19K miles (Porsche replaced it one year out of warranty) and a clutch at 60K miles (at that time I changed to the latest rear main seal design and the shop replaced the intermediate shaft seal and bolts but not the bearing. It is my understanding that the bearing problems begin with a intermediate shaft bearing seal failure but my bearing seal wasn't leaking. I change the oil every 4-5000 miles and have never seen any metal flakes in the filter. Now I'm at 73K miles and the car runs better than the day I got it. Is the intermediate shaft bearing one of those deals where it is going to fail (just a matter of time but you don't know when) or do you get to a certain point and if it hasn't failed, it probably isn't going to fail? I hate to spent $ 1,000 on fixing a Porsche design flaw when the car runs so good - but on the other hand I love the car and if it does fail, the $1,000 would look like cheap insurance. What say you? Thank you.

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