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Intermediate Shaft Bearing


Model: 996 C2, Year:2002, Mileage:137500, Type of use:Street use only
Joel. I read your two recent articles addressing the 996 Intermediate Shaft Bearing. Im worried! I have an 02 C2. I have owned it since 2004. The original engine was replaced by Porsche at 37,970 mi in 05/2003 for the rear main seal leak. That engine (Eng #2) dropped an exhaust valve seat and was replaced by yet another Porsche rebuilt engine at 79,348 mi in 04/2008. I paid for that one! That engine (Eng #3) has now accumulated 58,000 miles without incident. The serial number for the engine is M96/03AT66567494.My questions are: What is a replacement engine? Is it rebuilt or is it a new engine? Are the replacement engines updated with any factory modifications/improvements? Since this was a 2008 replacement, would it have had a newer bearing installed? Is there someone I can contact in the Porsche Organization that can track the engine by S/N and tell me its origin etc. When this engine was replaced, Atlanta was backlogged for engines and the were waiting on them to be shipped....from where...the Fatherland or some shop in the US? The engine arrived in a can and had all wires and accessories attached. The only things the mech had to do was install the exhaust system, clutch/flywheel and transmission. All appeared to be new...sparkling.Last month I had Brumos replace the clutch. If the IMS bearing was a ticking time bomb, I wonder why I wasn't told that this was something that should be addressed. Is this something that they are avoiding addressing with their customers. While the engine was out, the bearing could have been replaced at very little additional cost. If I have to replace the bearing...roughly what will it cost?Last Question. The car has original coolant hoses. No leaks. Should I change all of the hoses because it has been 11 years old. Are there "certain" hoses that are prone to failure that should be replaced?I appreciate your help regarding this and all you do for us in the field. Dave Marks

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