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intermediate shaft seal visual inspection


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.2; Total Mileage: 34,000;

Just before I purchased my car in May 2003, the rear main seal was replaced using the "new" tool(25k miles). I don't know if the intermediate shaft seal was done at that time, but it was not mentioned in the brief printout of service history I was given at the servicing dealer. I do not see any leaks, but would like to know if I can see the intermediate shaft plate from below to check for seepage. I'm not sure of its location or what I would be looking for.I asked you a few days ago about skipping my 30k service. At least 3 oil changes were done at the dealership before I bought the car, including the one during which the rear main seal was replaced.Also, I noticed this spring a hot plastic smell after shutdown coming from the rear of the car. This has since stopped but I could not find any evidence of road debris or a plastic grocery bag wrapped around a pipe ( I have had this occur before on other cars!). Is there some component that will emit such an odor in the engine compartment?Also, I must say that I very much appreciate your thorough, prompt and helpful answers to all our questions!

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