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intermediate shaft/timing chain rattle


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 Turbo; Total Mileage: 24,000;

Steven:I apologize for the redundancy and length of this question, but I was hoping that you could expound upon a previously answered question. I recently purchased a 2003 911 Turbo with 24,000 miles. I had the car Porsche certified at my local dealer and it was thoroughly gone over. The car is absolutely phenomenal in all respects and I have only one complaint. After initial warm up and at idle the engine rattles like the chains of the ghost of Christmas past. If I rev the engine to over 1300 RPM the rattle seems to go away. I called my local dealer and was told that this sound was normal and not to worry. I researched this tech forum and saw where you stated that this sound was common to all Turbos and was from the intermediate shaft driving the timing chains. Several other forums have indicated that the sound is normal to the more concerning statements that the intermediate shaft is prone to premature wear and needs replacement. I am confused because I thoroughly researched the 911 Turbo before this purchase. I read hundreds of articles on the 930 to 964 to 993 to 996 Turbo. I read the praise and accolades for the GT-1 derived engine that was so over engineered when developed by Hans Mezger that it is bullet proof. I read with interest that Porsche has chosen to stick with this engine in the 997 Turbo. In all of these articles, test, and reviews, no one ever mentioned this disturbing rattle. Why did every tester miss it or fail to mention it? I am a serial victim of the dreaded RMS leak in a previous P-car. Therefore, I am now a little paranoid. Is this rattle really nothing to worry about and I should simply enjoy the car and seek therapy for my obsessive compulsive disorder or is this an indication of a long-term problem down the road? What is it exactly that is making this metallic thrashing sound? Is it simply the links in the chain or is it actually the shaft or chains rubbing on the block? Is this sound indicative of premature wear?Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this question. I need to hear from a source I can trust.Donathan Hudgins

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