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Intermintent starting problem

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): original; Total Mileage: 80000;

My car is becoming harder and harder to start, but sometimes it fires right up and runs fine. The car runs good whenever it finally starts. I'm convinced it has something to do with fuel because when you turn on the key you can hear the rear fuel pump running and if you hear the front fuel pump run for an instant the car starts right up. If you don't hear the front pump it won't start at all, just cranks over. I usually just keep turning the ignition key on and turn over engine for an instant then turn off and try again. When I hear the front fuel pump build pressure for an instant it starts and runs fine.The only other symptom I might mention is when one is driving the car and you are decelerating, foot off the gas, there is a lot of popping from the exhaust.

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