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Intermittant wipers


Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:90,000, Type of use:Street use only
As per an article in Panorama written by Allen Caldwell in the late '70s?, I did the conversion myself and it worked but not like the article described. I no longer have the article. The relay was no longer available and had been superceded by another, p/n: 3 200 100. Rather than an intermittant function, what I got was a wipe/wash function. When the lever is moved in the "down" position, the wipers would make 3 passes and return to park. The wipe/wash function no longer works. I don't know how long the problem has existed because I live in Southern California and rarely drive it when it does rain. The wipers work on both low and high speeds and I even tried spare wiper switch that I had with the same results. I suspect the relay is bad but I'm unable to locate another. As far as the washer pump is concerned, I'm just going to replace that with a new one. The present washer pump only clicks when the wiper lever is pulled toward the steering wheel. My real question is two fold. One, does anyone know how to come up with the relay I need or, two, has anyone tried a 911 intermittant relay of the same year span with any success?

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