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Intermittent Boost Problem


Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 L 930, Factory Stock; Total Mileage: 14,400;

My first Porsche, and my first post! Took me awhile, but glad I finally made it! After the car has warmed up, (but not all the time) the engine looses boost. Gage stays a "0", and no boost gets to engine. Enging runs fine... just my 930 has turned into a 911! If I shut it down for 10 minutes, the boost is back (for awhile). Local Porsche shop has checked out the turbo plumbing, and everything appears normal. They suspect the "boost blow off valve in the intake manifold" is sticking and causing this problem. I see a bunch of after-market replacement parts being advertised. Is this something relatively straightforward that I can replace, of do I need a certified Porsche mechanic to do the work? Also - there seems to be two types of replacement valves - one that just vents the pressure, and the other that reclaims it, but requires some different ductwork. If this is something I can do, what would make the most sense for me to replace/upgrade while I am in there? Lastly - are there any "step-by-step" instructions available, or is this job pretty straight-forward? Thanks for your help. DC - Novi, MI

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