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internal rattling


Model: 911 996, Year:2001, Mileage:82,000, Type of use:Street use only
Hey Joel - I recently had some rattling in the rear of the car. Initially the rattling seemed more profound at higher RPM's. I had tires replaced and Good Year indicated the mufflers needed to be replaced as they could hear debris inside of it. I took it to German Tech in largo who also checked the mufflers and he agreed. He replaced the two with used stock mufflers. I picked the car up and drove off and surprisingly heard the noise again. I called the shop and he suggested I bring it back which I did a couple of days later. He listened to the noise and also showed my the old muffler which definitely had something loose in it. However, his tech pulled off the belts and the rattling sound was still there. His conclusion was that there a loose internal part that will most likely break free soon and cause the engine to fail. I've got 80K on my car, well maintained and a little surprised that the engine is failing so early. His recommendation is a Porsche remanufactured engine priced around 14K. He did not recommend rebuilding, not cost effective nor a used engine due to limited warranty. What are your thoughts on this? I love Porsche's but must say, I have put a lot of money into this car. I'm really surprised given I have always heard that the 996 was a fairly reliable car, not to mention the 911 was also reported by JF Powers as most reliable car of the year....Not seeing it! Other than what the mechanic initiated, it seems kind of rudimentary in terms of diagnostics. Is there any else that should be considered or looked at?? I appreciate your feedback.

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