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Interrmittent Engine miss on start-up


Vehicle Information: Model: 3.2 Carrera; Year: 1988; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): No Mods; Total Mileage: 85,000;

Sorry for the length of this, but--. Normally engine starts and runs very well. Occasionally, on cold start-up, it will miss on one cylinder. This will usually clear within a block or two, but sometimes will take several, up to 5 or more miles. Turning off engine and re-starting will not help. It will just suddenly start firing on all six. The car has been serviced a couple of times since this started,over several years, but no change. It will sometimes be fine for months, and then might act up several times in a relatively short while. Have not been able to tie it to usage, temp, or anything else. DME was replaced about 6 months ago. Any ideas?

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