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Is it locked? Is it locked now? How about now?

  • 2009
  • Cayman
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Electrical and Electronic

I'm new to my '09 Cayman, and Porsche in general. As my car is set up now, the horn does not beep when the doors are unlocked or locked, and I can't discern any pattern in regards to which lights are flashing (or not) when unlocking and locking the car-- I invariably end up pushing the lock/unlock button multiple times when approaching or leaving so I don't know where I am in the sequence.

I understand that it is possible to have the car programmed for different behavior when locking/unlocking the doors with the key/remote.  Here are my questions:

1) Is this a dealer-only thing, or can I do it myself somehow?
2) Is there a "menu" available somewhere of different options for car behavior? Maybe along the lines of "one faint beep and flash side markers twice for lock, two faint beeps and one flash for unlock."

Thank you!





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