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Key stuck, won’t start or crank

  • 2005
  • Boxster S
25 000
Electrical and Electronic

First dead battery then key gets stuck after new battery replaced.  Key gets stuck when turn to 1st or 2nd position.  Key is fine when in “0” position (will not get stuck).  Car started normally after battery was replaced, but with stuck key all the time.  Now it will not start or crank after leaving it parked for over a week without starting.  The new battery is always plugged into an external maintainer.  Everything works normal with the key fob.  All dash indicators lights up normally.  Doors, hood & truck open normally.  Immobilizer is not wet.  This car has the newer immobilizer (probably the 2006 version).  I don't see any fault codes with Durametric software.

Things replaced after dead battery:

     -Replaced with new battery

     -Tried 3 new different OEM ignition switches.

     -Replaced with new ignition clutch switch (even tried switch bypass)

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Just joined PCA membership yesterday.  First time Porsche owner for 15 months now.

Thanks all,




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