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Model: 993, Year:1995, Mileage:15,000, Type of use:Street use only
(sending this ia the normal route in addition to Club e-mail)Joel- It's been some time since I've bugged you. I've got a '95 993 with only 15,000 mi. on the clock (a real, honest-to-goodness time capsule). Trouble is, it looks way up in the air with it's stock suspension compared to my '98 C2S with PSS9's. I've got a M033 kit that I bought some years back (when they were reasonably priced) and I've finally decided to install it. I know, I's not the "hot set-up" but this car will never see high mileage and all I want to do is lower it w/o having to change sway bars, drop-links, etc. and still have a comfortable ride. If the new shocks last as long as the originals, I couldn't ask for more. The problem in Kinematic Toe. Your expertise in setting up 993's is legendary. No one around here, even the dealer, has the kinematic toe gauge, much less how to use it even if they had it. I'd have to go to Atlanta or Charleston, SC to find a competent shop. Should I just install the M033, get it aligned to ROW sport specs, hope for the best and just see how it handles? If necessary, I could purchase the KT gauge from Paragon, then have to get my alignment shop to bear with me while we learn how to use it. Your opinion/suggestions will be very much appreciated.Regards,Stan Simm (aka NC TRACKRAT on Rennlist 993 Forum)Winston-Salem, NCCarolinas Region PCA

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