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Knocking in 1st through 4th


Vehicle Information: Year: 1982 928; Engine (size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 100,000; Transmission type: Manual;

Background: I had work done on my 1982 928 earlier this summer. All work under the hood (new head gasket, alternator, water pump, and belts, plus a rear wheel bearing replaced. The day I took it home I noticed a knocking when I engaged the clutch in first through 4th. Can't hear the noise in fifth. Next day the noise was much louder. Step two: replaced the clutch which was original. Did not solve the problem. The noise I hear is a heavy machine gun knocking (the sound is like a hammer hitting metal) that is only noticeable when the clutch is engaged and the car is under load. My question is where do I look next? And what might this be? One more thing, now if the car is running at idle and it is in neutral you can hear a little bit of the knocking coming from under the car like there is something loose and being shaken.

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