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Koni Strut Mods


Vehicle Information: Model: 911E & 911T; Year: 1969; Body Type: Coupe; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0 & 2.2; Total Mileage: 100K +;

Ed,Thanks again for taking the time to spec out the bottom of the Koni strut for me. I'm leaning towards the modification and I have two final questions concerning the older pinch-bolt strut vs. the wedge-pin strut.1. I have basically a brand new set of Koni pinch-bolt struts and would like your opinion on the prospect of converting to the wedge-pin type. I see you have a car with 135K on it using the pinch-bolt struts. I will be using new ball joints and bolts/pins in any case. My struts are off and down to bare metal ready for paint so it would be a good time to have them welded. Do you recommend the conversion or leaving them in their as-new state?2. Just to double check, is the wedge-pin hole in the strut a completely round, straight-through, 11.87 mm hole or tapered since it looks like the wedge-pin is also tapered? Or is the pin's taper (at the non-threaded end) larger than 11.87 mm so it will jam/wedge into the strut housing? How much of the pin's head portion should be left sticking out of the strut -- does it get pulled in flush with the strut?Thanks again,Ron

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