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Larger 16" Fuchs on Front

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: 911SC; Year: 1978; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 180000;

I want to put J7X16 black centered Fuchs on the front of this car. They would be exactly like those on the rear. I like the look of these wheels better than the " flat sided " 6" that are up front now. Only problem is when I exchanged the wheels front to rear recently it seemed that the J7 (225x50x16) when on the front stuck out to far beyond the lip of the front least for my liking!Here is the question. What would be the proper offset to tuck this wider wheel back under with out rubbing on the shock tower or the oil cooler. I believe there would plenty of circumfrence clearance. I had read somewhere that a set of wheels from an early 944 might properly in some fashion. Is this correct?If I was able to get the J7 upfront would I then need to get J8 for the rear to handeling ect?The J7X 16 wheel has its size marked on the inside of one of the spokes but I do not see the offset # on it or the front wheel for that matter either. To recap:...What is the offset of both the wheels I have on this car now and what offset would it take to move a J7 to the front.

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