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Leaking valve cover seals after rebuild


Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 82500;

I had a complete top end done on my car about 8 months ago. I have had the car back in at least 5 times for leaking valve cover gaskets. The car gets limited use, but I try to drive it at least once every two weeks. The shop tells me that the problem is that I don't drive the car enough. I drive it just as much now as I did prior to the rebuild, and it did not leak before. They replaced the lower gaskets on the left twice, and claim they replaced the upper left gasket the last time in. If I drive the car and park it, the next day there is a thick spot of oil approximately the size of a half dollar. I don't think the car shold be leaking after an expensive rebuild. Under these circumstances, would I be correct? Also, can the upper valve cover gaskets be properly replaced without dropping the engine.Thanks

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