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learning to understand: P0450 - code 99 - tank pressure sensor

  • 2001
  • 911 Carrera
94 500
Fuel System

Engine light started coming on a couple months back - indication is large EVAP leak... I've been fiddling with it trying to diagnose without taking anything apart yet.

I replaced the gas cap, and started clearing the codes.  I used a durametric scanner to see some more details... but I'm still learning how to use it in my spare time.

I pulled this code (P0450 - porsche fault code 99 - tank pressure sensor) repeatedly.  Does this imply that the sensor is likely failed, or that it simply read a value out of spec?

I would like to understand it better before replacing expensive parts.  I'll pull the sensor this weekend and try to check it's ohm reading to see if it's totally dead....

Any other advice on diagnosing the issue?

I did see reference, I'm not convinced it's a brake booster yet...




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