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Left side low beam headlight works for a few minutes then goes out

  • 2016
  • Cayman S
55 000
Electrical and Electronic
Pleasant Hill, 


Just a few days ago, while driving at night, a white message popped up, something like "Check left side dipped headlight," and it did seem that the left side low beam was not working; maybe 10 minutes later, it appeared to be working again (based on strong lighting of landscaping in adjacent center divide).  Since then, it seems to work ok right at the beginning of a trip (I park after starting, and visually confirm that it is on), then after a few minutes of driving, I again get the same message, and in fact it seems that the low beam is out on that side; pulling the lower right side stalk causes the message to go away; sometimes it reoccurs later in that same trip, other times not.  The obvious cause is a bulb that has gotten unreliable - but I've never known any incandescent bulb to be intermittent - in my experience (as a non-mechanic) they either work, or they are dead.  The service writer at the local dealer told me it probably is just the bulb.  I certainly can try replacing it, but the symptoms strike me as indicative of an intermittent open in the circuit - maybe a loose connector plug, or ground connection?  Should I just change the bulb (or perhaps the low beam bulbs on both sides, as they seem to come in packages of 2), or are there other diagnostic or repair steps that you suggest I try - instead of, or in addition to, installing new bulbs?



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