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Lifter noise in 2.5 "replacement" engine


Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5; Total Mileage: 81,000 Car/41k Engine; Transmission: Manual;

I have a 98 Boxster, and it the engine failed at about 38k, under normal highway driving conditions, with perfect dealer maintanence. This was replaced by PCNA as the cylinder walls delaminated and blew the original engine, as many have noted. My "replacement" engine, which PCNA and my dealer assured me would likely be bullet-proof, is not. I now have 81k on the car, which is 43k on the new engine, and have a bad lifter noise on the middle-driver's side bank. Will PCNA respond to a second issue? Also, can this be repaired appropriately and at what cost? If the engine is toast again, I'll be really angry after all the reassurances I was given the first time. This is my 4th Porsche, and I feel that I have the right to expect a car of this quality to run well for a lot more than 45k per engine! I do not thrash the car or race, and I keep it repaired. What's up? FYI, I had major service done about 4k before this started, and at that time, the MAF device and the engine wiring harness were both replaced. Also, a cracked spark-plug connecter that was causing an occasional misfire was also corrected. Because the engine had run rich with the MAF defect, the engine was also somehow cleaned internally to remove all carbon. The car ran better than ever after the service, and now this!! Argh. Please advise!!flat6man

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