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Lightweight Flywheels


Model: 996 C2, Year:2002, Mileage:30000 , Type of use:Street use only
Dear Joel,I have found your insights very valuable over the years that Ive followed your Q&A. I wish PCA could get the auto subscribe feature fixed! Anyways.My 2002 C2 is on its original clutch. What is the range of life expectancy of this component? When the clutch is due for changing I was considering a number of issues. The RMS leaks slightly when parked over the winter, however for the last couple of years this largely disappears as the car is driven over the summer. The seal was replaced under warranty in 2003. Would you upgrade to the 997 seal at the time of clutch change out?Also Ive read of the issue of the crankshaft being poorly supported in this area. Does it make sense to install a lightweight flywheel in view of this? What are the implications of such a flywheel for street use?Lastly Ive followed the recent IMS article in Excellence Magazine. Would you recommend this update at the same time? I plan on using an oil sampling program to try and detect any pending failure. I very much enjoy the car, however, am nervous about the potential for an engine repair that would exceed more than half of the current value of the car. I realize Ive asked a lot of questions here. Your thoughts are always appreciated.David HornerNelson BCCanada

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