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Model: 996, Year:2000, Mileage:25000, Type of use:Street use only
I have a 2000 Boxster S with Litronic lights and a 2000 996 without. I switched the complete headlight assemblies into the other respective car. I removed the wire that attaches to the back of the Litronic light assembly from the Boxster, which I believe to be for the level adjuster and taped up connection as the 996 does not have this connector. I installed the assemblies and all of the lights work on both cars. I am aware that the levelers will not work on the 996 unless I install the wiring.Question 1. Will I cause any problems with this exchange? The Boxster will probably have a fault in the OBD for "No connection" of which I am aware.Question 2. Other than the wiring, are there any other components required to "fire" up the litronics? And if so, where will I find them on the car? They seem to work fine but I did not keep them on long.Question 3. Regarding the parts required for the leveling to work, what components are required and where are they located on the car? I have not dug deep into the suspension area which is where I believe the "level senders" to be.I see this as a three part process. 1. Light assemblies, 2. Leveler and componentry, 3. Headlight washers. I will remove the front bumpers to access the last item.Any insight would be appreciated as I have looked at several websites and have not obtained any direct instructions.Thanks,David Dukehart

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