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Locking and Unlocking-Imobilzer Related

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Model: Carrera S, Year:1997, Mileage:43,746, Type of use:Street use only
This just developed: My car is on a battery tender when not in use. Car is stored in a heated garage. Battery Porsche OEM replaced 8 months ago.I tried locking the car with both of my remotes, the car will not lock and arm the alarm with the flashing red LED in the door post. first though replace the batteries in both, did that, both react the same way. Very weak lock sensation on the first press to lock- will not lock. Second press strong with a responding thunk and a mutted horn sound. When key is placed in the ignition the button is pushed killing the immobilzer light on dash and car starts fine. The locking/unlocking function worked fine on remote prior to this occurance. I can be reached at

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