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Long crank on cold start with 2014 Boxster

  • 2014
  • Boxster
27 000

My 2014 Boxster struggles to start on cold start....It takes a longer than normal crank to start my car on cold start in the winter months or in temperatures lower than approximately 45 degrees F. Or it will take a couple of normal cranks to start the car on cold start. The car starts fine in the summer or warmer temperatures. The car also starts normally during the winter months when it has been started after the first time for the day. Last year, it took my car 2-3 cranks to get it started on cold start. I took my car to a Porsche dealer for service last year and they didn't find anything wrong with the starter. I took my car to the same Porscher dealer again this year and they removed some sort of piece or spacer associated with the starter, I forgot what they called this. This didn't quite fix the issue, though it will start on the first crank, but it still takes a longer crank to get it started on cold start. Did not expect to see this issue with a newer Porsche! Anything else that should be checked and adjusted?


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