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long dormant 968 has lost oil prime

  • 1992
  • 968
60 000

Due to some health issues my '92 968 Cab has not been driven for the last two years. Prior to being parked it was properly maintained and was running flawlessly. It has been garaged and the battery kept up. Now I'm wanting to get it back on the road. I pulled the plugs and DME relay to crank it until getting positive oil pressure but to no avail. The pesky oil pressure needle will not come off the peg. I've read that for a 944 you remove the oil filter, pour some oil down the center tube, put a socket on the crankshaft nut and rotate the engine backwards to prime the oil pump. I'm concerned that with the 968's VarioCam it shouldn't be rotated backwards. It's been suggested I just put the plugs back in and fire it up, the reasoning being that it's not cranking fast enough to suck up the oil. Another suggestion was to remove the oil filter and pour some 0w oil down the center tube to have it slip down past the oil pump gear and provide a bit of a seal to promote siphoning action. How should I proceed?


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