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Long Term Storage


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 34,000;

Responding to the query about long term storage. My own experience with a previous 928S4 might help, but you also might already have thought about this: Fuel: even if you drain everything you can reasonably get to, there is some residual fuel left and thus the fuel stabilizers are a good idea. Most remove water from the fuel, but I have not done this for more that 13-14 months, so don't know how long they work. Tires: if you go to jack stands, cover tires to prevent UV damage and some people use a tire conditioner to prevent drying out. Seal fuel lines after draining. Oil: Mixed bag, but drained, flushed with new oil and drained again, then refilled with best available to minimize acid, etc. Electrical: Best I found was to remove batteries and live with later issues from all systems being shut down. If stored where someone could check trickle chargers and battery condition, this may be better solution. Interior: I agree about rodents and have successfully used an electronic rodent device that seemed to work. There is really no way to seal car against mice, so this was best alternative I found. (Bubble helped). Brakes/wheels: Discs will rust and in high humidity, badly. Removing wheels and coating discs with anti rust spray works pretty well, but not sure for how long. Also is a mess to remove and requires taking pads out and cleaning them later on. Exterior: A breathable cover after wax and polish seemed to work pretty well. The "bubble" products also helped in areas like FL with heavy humidity. If you can maintain interior temp and humidity at correct levels, you will have less rust/decay damage and also keeps out rodents. Bear in mind that all of this was when I did a US Army deployment and wanted to keep car safe. It was expensive and in hind sight might have been better if I had just put the car in someone's weekly care. Finding a safe, dry place where you can set up all of this prevention gear is the real trick. Hope this helps. JJS

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