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Looking for best practice on using jack stands with Cayman

  • 2008
  • Cayman S
32 000
Long Beach, 

I have watched numerous videos, read my Porsche User Manual, and searched the internet on this topic.  My 2008 Cayman seems to have 4 and only 4 places under the car that is acceptable to lift the car off the ground.  These are small, reinforced circles (buttons) just behind the front wheels and just forward of the rear wheels.  This presents a MAJOR challenge if you want to pull all 4 wheels at one time.  Brake jobs, Brake fluid flush, etc are just two of many reasons someone may want to do this.

I have: 
two floor jacks: 1-low pro jack and 1 trolley jack
4 adjustable jack stands
pair of ramps

I want to be able to lift the car and place all 4 jacks stands on the designated jack point (buttons).  It is super tempting to use the floor jack in the center of the front and rear of car.  Is there a safe place to do so?  If not, what is the best practice for this operation?



Long Beach MS


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